Monday, April 5, 2021

Clover Alumnus, Gabriel Ng, achieved GOLD in SwimSafer 2.0 program!


Gabriel doing his usual practice rounds at the pool.

Congratulations to Gabriel Ng, a 2015 Clover Montessori graduate, for attaining GOLD in SwimSafer 2.0¹ program Singapore! To attain this GOLD certification, the swimmer has to posses rigorous water survival and swimming competency skills. Gabriel has started his training in the SwimSafer 2.0 program since he was at Primary 1. His consistency and perseverance have lasted him to work towards the GOLD stage five years later, which is now.  

We are glad to be able to get Gabriel to come on an interview with us across the border. 

Interview with Gabriel:

CLC: Hi Gabriel, congratulations for your achievement!

G:    Thank you😊


CLC: Did you expect yourself to get the GOLD award?

G:    No, because I saw a lot of swimmers at my swim group are better than me. In fact, I started to lose confidence in myself when I saw how well the others swim.


CLC: Did anyone help you along your way to success?

G:     Yes. My Coach.


CLC: How did he help you?

G:     He motivated me to persevere and drilled me. A lot of times when I felt I could not continue, he would push me to go forward to show the best of my abilities. He really unlocks my full potential.


Gabriel posed with his Coach and GOLD SWIMSAFER 2.0 certificate.

CLC: How often did you practice and how long is each practice session?

G:    In the past 5 years, I practiced during my swimming lesson on a weekly basis. Nowadays, I have to study for upcoming tests, I would sometimes swim for an hour or two.


CLCHave you felt like giving up?

G:    Yes and no. Yes, because at times I would face with some challenges during my training – I had to cope with some situations like training in the heavy rain and cold weather. This would result in me not able to complete my swim rounds in the designated timing. On the other hand, I wanted to get the GOLD award so badly and along with my coach’s constant motivation, I did not give up and moved on.


CLC: What did you do when you met with difficulties or challenges?

G:    I would try to overcome the difficulties if there were minor situations. If there were major ones, I would try extra hard like trained myself more and persisted more. I did not usually get help from other people because I wanted to challenge myself and do it on my own.


CLC: What's the biggest learning you can take away from this process?

G:     Never give up and strive to achieve your dreams


       CLC:    Thank you so much for sharing with us! The Clover Teachers are very proud of you. We wish you all the best, do reach for the stars and the sky is your limit!

        G:        You're welcome!



¹ SwimSafer is a national water safety programme in Singapore introduced in July 2010 by the National Water Safety Council (NWSC), a council appointed by the then Ministry of Community, Youth and Sports (MCYS).

The SwimSafer programme consists of six progressive stages, each comprising 12 hours of lesson time. Survival and activity skills are taught in each stage of the programme, working progressively toward the next stage.

 At the end of each stage, each child will receive a stage completion e-certificate.

 SwimSafer 2.0 Assessment Criteria. 

Friday, December 25, 2020

International Publication for Clover Montessori Alumnus!

First Clover L.C. (Clover Montessori) Alumnus chosen for Publication with UK Online Journal!

        Well done to Zhi Hui (Olivia), an alumnus of Clover Learning Centre (Montessori) for her successful publication titled "Superwoman" with Issue 1 of the online journal ‘Untitled: Voices’. Issue 1 of the online journal was launched on June 22, 2020, while we were in the midst of our national Movement Control Order (National Lockdown due to Covid-19).

        It features work as a response to the lockdown written by Olivia and 38 other underrepresented writers from around the world.

        Based in the UK, the launch of the ‘Untitled: Voices’ journal by Untitled Writing aimed to serve as a platform to showcase writing by underrepresented writers from around the world. The collection includes a mixture of poetry, short stories, monologues, flash fiction and more.

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Clover Award Winners 2020

This is the first year we are giving away awards as we have seen how much some of the children have evolved. These awards are given to the children who consistently work towards the betterment of themselves and display good social citizenship in the year 2020. We hope they will bring their good work and social ethic to their adulthood.

 It is also an encouragement for their friends to look up to them and work towards self-improvement. To display happiness for their friends is also a virtue.


Award Winners 2020

Most Outstanding Learner Award:

This award is presented to the child for he knows how to stay focused in the face of distractions. He takes responsibility of his own learning and does not let other people or situations stand in the way of that. He makes academics a priority and keep his sights set on his learning goals. 

  Ian Loo (K2)

Damon Tan (K1)

Most Improved Student Award:

This award is to honour and acknowledge the child’s vast improvement in academic, behaviour and learning attitude.

Ooi Qi Yang (K2)

Leia Ng (K1)

Carlson Wie (K1)


Most Self-Motivated Learner Award:

This award is presented to the child for he has the ability to drive himself in the face of set-backs, take up opportunities, and show commitment to what he wants to achieve.

 Teo Yao Ee (K1)


Most Hardworking Student Award:

This award is presented to the child for she has always accepted challenges and worked towards her goal with great perseverance.

 Chong Yu Thong (K1)

 Most Reliable Student Award:

This award is presented to the child for she can always be trusted to follow through in the little things which then she can be trusted with the bigger things. 

 Isabelle Nyo (K2)

Clovelle Chua (K1)

Most Helpful Student Award:

This award is presented to the child for she always takes initiative to provide assistance to her friends and teachers.

 Lim Zhi Tong (K2)

Most Polite Award:

This award is to honour the child for demonstrating grace and courtesy by being the most courteous among his friends. He takes initiative to greet and show good manners and respect to his teachers and friends.

 Teo Yao Ee (K1)


Early Bird Award:

This award is to honour the child for her consistent effort of arriving at school punctually.

Amber Ho (K2)

Adeline Tan (K2)

Chong Yu Thong (K1)

Duty Master Award:

This award is to honour the great effort of the child for consistently arriving at school early during his/her duty day to clean and tidy up the learning environment for his/her class. He/She also always obliged gladly when being asked upon to help their friends to fulfill their duty when they were late or absent. His/Her great sense of responsibility and willingness to provide a clean environment for his/her classmates shows his/her positive sense of social citizenship.

     Adeline Tan (K2)

     Low Zhen Jet (K2)

     Chong Yu Thong (K1)

Little Helper At Home Award:

Achieving highest points for doing things for himself, and also work on household chores to show great citizenship at home during the MCO period.

 Siah Yeow Ren (N2)



Thursday, July 2, 2020

Clover L.C. Alumnus Received Achievement Award in Marlborough College

Congratulations to Elliana Chin for attaining the Achievement Award for Year 4 student in Marlborough College (Malaysia)! She is an alumnus of Clover Learning Centre and we are very thrilled to receive this news and definitely proud of her achievement!

She is one of the two prize winners for this award in the Year 4 category. This Achievement Award is given to a child who has consistently produced a high standard of work across a broad range of subjects over the course of a year.

Her mother personally sent a thank-you text to all Clover Learning Centre Montessori educators who had helped built up Elliana's foundation of learning during her formative years. We appreciate this and believe that Elliana has definitely earned it through her perseverance and hard work!

We’ve also contacted Elliana to learn more about her learning journey at Marlborough College.

CLC: Hi Elliana, you've recently received the Achievement Award at your school, How do you feel?

E: I feel incredibly happy with my award and was also surprised I got such a “high level” award. I felt surprised because I didn’t think that I would have that award this year. I was even surprised when my mum got the email. I was pretty much happy though.


CLC: Did anyone help you along your way to success?

E: My success was of course due to my parents’ and teachers’ guidance.


CLC: What did you do when you met with difficulties or challenges?

E: When I met difficulties or challenges I was frustrated but I didn’t give up. I also had the comfort and encouraging words from my parents. Thank you for this letter (interview) and I appreciate your sharing of happiness from my success.

P.S. This achievement was also earned by the help of your school’s guidance.

(Elliana’s response is raw without editing from anyone.)

Monday, August 26, 2019

UK Scholarship offered to Clover L.C. Alumnus to study Summer Program in Cambridge University

Congratulations to Zhi Hui, an alumnus of Clover Learning Centre (Montessori), for being offered a scholarship to do a two-week summer bootcamp with Immerse Education in the Cambridge University! She was one of the two students from the Johor state to be awarded based on an essay she wrote with her topic of interest. At the summer camp, she had the opportunity to explore innovative subjects and build her skills and confidence in a nurturing and exciting environment.

The summer program just ended, and it had been a wonderful experience for Zhi Hui. We had an interview with her to find out more about her experience at the Queen's College, Cambridge University (U.K.).

CLC: Congratulations Zhi Hui! We are very happy and proud of you being awarded the scholarship to do the award-winning immersion program in the premise of Cambridge University.

ZH: Thank you (smiling).

CLC: How were you selected?

ZH:  The program offered scholarships through their essay competition. I submitted an entry, writing about their given topic.

CLC: What subject area did you read at the Cambridge University?

ZH: Creative Writing

CLC: Did you enjoy the summer school?

ZH: Yes. I enjoyed it tremendously and definitely wish to attend another one in the future.

CLC: What was your most unforgettable encounter that you had there?

ZH: The whole experience is unforgettable! I liked being able to experience college life with a combination of other intriguing activities.

CLC: Was there anything that posed as a challenge for you?

ZH: Yes. I had to learn to be less reserved, more open to participating in activities and events, and to be more open and socialise to meet new people.

CLC:  Was there anything that fascinated you?

ZH: What fascinated me was the passion and enthusiasm the people there possessed when it came to both academics and having fun. They work hard, and play hard too!

CLC: What's the thing that you treasured the most?

ZH: The thing I treasured the most was the new bonds that I’ve created with people from around the world.

CLC: What's the thing that you miss the most?

ZH: I miss when we would get to explore the city in small groups of friends. I totally can feel the freedom of taking charge on our own.

CLC: What's your greatest gain there?

ZH: I've got to learn different writing techniques from the academic sessions of my chosen course. I also had a chance to understand more about the other subjects which I might be interested in through the academic fairs that were held. For example, medicine and law.

CLC: What's your goal when you return to Malaysia?

ZH: I returned with a goal to strive for the very best in terms of my studies and extra-curriculars. At the same time, to figure out my passion and make clear my intended direction.

CLC: Thank you Zhi Hui for sharing. We wish you all the best!

ZH: You're welcome and thank you too!

We hope her achievement inspires more Clover students to achieve in their lives. Attitude is altitude, if you have a will, you can do it too!

(ZH's response is raw from the interview.)

Monday, November 10, 2014

BRAVO to Clover Talent Team!

Champs Talent Competition Invitation

I received many invitation calls from various organisers for the past few months to take part in their pre-school talent competitions, but I rejected all of them, except for this Champs Talent Competition, which requires all schools to present a 10 minute musical skit. I accepted this invitation as I thought it was professionally organized. Hankidz, which was the talent company being engaged to organize this event, would send coaches to the pre-schools to do pre-selection and coaching sessions with the schools. I thought this was a great opportunity for our Clover kids to be exposed to coaching from outside our school, and they would have an opportunity to make use of their musical and drama learning from Kindermusik and Speech and Drama classes.

How we got to the Finals

The pre-selection round was to show Hankidz our past year concert video -- we got in straightaway. To be selected as the finalist of this competition, the Teachers had to submit the skit storyline. My bed-rest advice from my doctor for my pregnancy was ditched right to the back of my mind -- I had a 4-hour long non-stop meeting with Kindermusik educators at my house. We came up with the full detailed storyline within the day. I was quite confident that we would make it, and we did. We got to the Finals. The real work began.

The real and hard work started...

Ten children were selected by our Montessori and Kindermusik educators in Sep 2014 to participate in the Champs Talent Competition (Southern region), Season 2. The Finals was on the 9th Nov 2014, which is Today.

It had been a short period of time for practice, we only had 8 practices before the children went on the real stage. Lots of coaching were done before the Hankidz coaches came from K.L. to see our Clover team the first time in October. After hearing their comments in their first visit, Kindermusik Educators (Shirin, Joanne, Winnie and me) continued to coach the children to work with their facial expressions. It was from incorrect expressions (should show angry face, but they were smiling all the time.), to more and better facial expressions. The children showed so much improvement by the time Hankidz coaches came the second time in November, which was also four days before the Finals. The instrument players were extremely precise in their timing to play their musical instruments at the right times.

Coach KC and Xue Yi were teaching the children on how to make facial expressions.

Stress came from third party which we couldn't control.

There were some hiccups at the vendor who made the props. Luckily, we had Kindermusik Educator Winnie, who is excellent in art, re-making those unsatisfactory prop on the night before the Finals. Her props looked so beautiful. I never had to worry about the work she produced.

At the Finals
The real day finally came. It was Today. When our Clover performance started on the real stage, I was nervous while standing by the side watching them as I was worried about those little mistakes that they had always made during practice sessions. However, they didn't disappoint any of us, every Clover child did their part to 100%, it was their best performance ever!Bravo! I was moved to tears! Hugging and kissing each of these little Clover angels as they walked down from the stage after the performance.

Narrator (Du Ee) spoke clearly with intonation. Main actors were acting with gestures and facial expressions. Instrument players were playing live musical accompaniment at the back.

The last part of the performance - the black bear revealed the Champs as magical cure for the sick monkey. They were dancing to celebrate.

I finally broke down at the backstage. My little boy, Du Ee, came and asked me, "Are you okay? Why are you crying?" He looked worried, he thought I didn't think highly of their performance or they had done something wrong. "I am crying because I feel very very happy to see you all did so well!" I said. (Well, he still looked puzzled.) He and other little darlings came to me and hugged me too.

Our Clover children evolved...

I felt so emotional because I saw how these little children evolved over a short period of 2 months. To let young children like them to understand working as a team was never easy. At the very initial stage of the preparation of this competition, the children were very ego-centric. They only did their part in the skit and lost focus and started playing , talking or laughing while it were their friends' turns to work on the roles. Or they would start to scold their friends who forgot to say the lines or play the instruments. Then, after the 4th practice of much counselling and coaching from us, they seemed to understand it was important to focus throughout the whole skit in order to achieve the best. They were observed to be more encouraging towards one another, and it was not easy especially for the young instrument players to stay still and wait for their turn to play.

Power, Power, Power, Oosh! We are a team!

The Clover Talent Team. Yay!
(From Back Left: Shirin, Joanne, Chaz Yee, Winnie.
From Middle Left: Taryn, Kayla, Trevor, Trishiqka, Ze Ming, Brandon.
From Front Left: Du Ee, Zheng Yuan, Yu Tong, Gabriel.)
They really pulled it off on the real stage in front of 400 audiences very well. I was extremely proud of them. The teachers and their papas and mamas felt the same too.

Although we did not emerge as the top three winners for this competition, our real consolation was that we were at the fourth place amongst the 15 finalist schools. We were the only school with 5- and 6-year-olds playing musical instrument live on stage. We did not spend any money like the winners to get extravaganza costumes, but our down-to-earth performance won so much praises from everyone. This was a great experience for both teachers and students.

At the backstage, waiting for their turn. The face painting was the last minute art done by Winnie.

The three protagonists of the act - Elephant Bonbon (Trishiqka), monkey Piko (Brandon) and Twinnie rabbit (Kayla).

Look at the happy faces. Children are children. (From left: Taryn, Trevor, Ze Ming, Shirin.

The wise old monkey (Ze Ming), elephant Bonbon (Trishiqka) and rabbit Twinnie (Kayla).

Our excellent instrument players Zheng Yuan and Yu Tong.


Waiting restlessly for another 2 hours in the holding room for the other finalist schools to finish their performance.

Our children might seem a bit disappointed for not getting any trophies, it was also time for them to learn that they had not done anything wrong not to win, but there were others who might be better than them in certain ways. We just had to improve on those areas and do better the next time. After all, this is what education is all about.

Gratitude and Appreciation

Last but not least, I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to our Kindermusik educators - Shirin, Joanne and Winnie. They jumped straight in to this talent team the minute I called for them. This is how passionate they are as educators. I am glad to work with talents like them -- we recorded a sound track for this competition within 1.5 hours at Clover. It is with this kind of enthusiasm and talents that we can make things happen within a short period of time.

Also, I can't thank the parents enough to be supportive of their child participating in this competition. They had done much practice with their child at home in order to help us speed things up for we only had limited number of practices before the finals.

Group photo: The 10 Clover Talent Team members, their families, Clover Kindermusik and Montessori educators.

Author of this blog:
Chaz Yee
Head Directress


Sunday, October 5, 2014

Country Project - Vietnam

We had a special Vietnamese guest, Ms. Hang, who visited our school on 1st Oct 2014. It was a planned visit -  we invited her to come to Clover during the country project of Vietnam week. It was such an honour to have Ms. Hang doing the Vietnam week for us. She brought in all the things that we requested her to in order to conduct our Montessori country project lesson.

She got the child-size Vietnamese costumes for a boy and a girl for us. We dressed two students up. They looked Vietnamese! ;) So adorable.

As Ms. Hang wasn't used to conducting a lesson with children, she conveyed the knowledge to our Montessori educator, Ms. Latifah, who helped to do the explanation to the children at Clovers.
Firstly, the Vietnam flag was shown - "a red flag with a gold star". 

This is a traditional Vietnamese Coconut Bowl...authentic stuff...all the way from Vietnam! 

Children were passing the bowl around to have a closer look. The outer part of this bowl was made of coconut shell. 

 Now, showing the currency of a country is important, and Ms. Latifah explained the difference between the Vietnamese Dong from the Ringgit Malaysia.

We passed the Vietnamese notes around for children to have a closer look. They were told the man on the notes is Ho Chi Minh, who was the Father of the country, as he fought for independence.

Children were looking at more Vietnamese Dong notes, comparing the notes with one another.

Ms. Joanne assisted in the explanation of how the Vietnamese Coffee is to be brewed. The children were intrigued!

Our special Vietnamese guests, Ms. Hang, demonstrated the coffee-brewing process. 

All children waited patiently for the coffee to drip slowly into the glass jar below. 

While waiting for the coffee to be ready, we passed around the spring-roll wrapper, which was made of rice. This was to show children what was "before" the end-product of the yummy spring-rolls that they were going to pop into their mouth later. 

Ms. Hang brought in her home-made spring rolls and sweet-and-sour fish sauce. 

Yum yum...we always love food tasting.

These 3 year-olds Nursery children asked for more!

Our K1 and K2 children were enjoying it too! 

 Ms. Soraya was showing the children the hand-stitched bag. A very typical Vietnamese craft bag. So beautiful.
Children were having a closer look at the hand-stitched bags.

A. Chaz Yee presented a small gift to Ms. Hang, showing Clover's appreciation to her effort and presence in helping us make the lesson about Vietnam more lively and interesting. 

We hereby extend our heart-felt thanks to Ms. Joanne as well, who brought Ms. Hang to our school. Thanks Joanne!

 To view more photos, CLICK HERE.