Thursday, November 25, 2010

Give the Poor a Chance in Education

I always have a mission of my own to help the less fortunate, especially in Health and Education. This led me to read Psychology to learn more about human's mental health during my undergraduate days. Education has always been my passion. To provide education to others went a long way when I was a student, saving each penny overseas to pay for living expenses and also sponsoring kids in the third world. It lasted for a few years though, I had to stop and start pursuing my dream using the pennies saved.

Life goes on for me pretty well although stressful. I am happy now that I have two beautiful kids of my own, but I never stop thinking about those kids in the third world. With the birth of my second child, I am contented to have a good team as a family. It is also time to continue the mission of extending Education to the needies.

Hence, I have applied to sponsor two kids with World Vision, one for Clover, one for my husband and I. We shall continue to work towards sponsoring more kids in the future, locally or overseas, whenever help is needed.

It is not difficult to sponsor kids in the third world, we hope more people will join in to make the world a better place.