Sunday, November 20, 2011

Children's and Teachers' Day 2011

What a WET fun-filled day!
It was the first time we had so much Water Play in school. The children came into the school with swimsuits. Angels’ grandparents also came in early to help setting up the swimming pools.
At 9.30 a.m., we started our warm up. The children were grouped into two groups and Aunties demonstrated how the telematch was to be played.

First, the children had to soak up water from a pail and squeeze out the water into another pail. Second, they had to scoop a coloured ball from the first swimming pool and sort it according to its colour in the 4 pails (practical life skill!). Then, they slid down the slide and splashed into the 2nd pool, quickly pick up a water shooting tube to aim and shoot at the bottles.

There were one or two children who were not used to water play and were afraid to get wet despite wearing very nice swimsuits. To get them “going”, Auntie Chaz Yee started pouring pails of water at those children. It was not long after, the Aunties and Angel’s Grandma were having fun pouring big pails of water at the children. Some children started to get back at the Aunties (e.g., Zhi Jean picked up the water shooting tube and started shooting at Auntie Latifah! Haha!).

At about 10.15 a.m., the children went into the building and changed. They were all very helpful and practical-life-skilled children, helping Aunties to set up the dining tables. We had guests children like Jael, Alfred (Angel’s brother), Anastasia (Angel’s cousin), Mita (Auntie Margaret’s daughter) and Trevor (Tristan’s brother). They enjoyed the company of their new friends. While the Aunties were busy setting up the dining area, Angel’s Grandparents volunteered to clean up all the outdoor equipment for us, so kind of them!

Finally, we had the Teachers’ Day presentation session. The children presented their little cards and gifts to the Aunties to show their appreciation for their Teachers. This was a chance that Zhi Hui took to show off her photography skill (her father trained her well!). Although she hadn’t gotten anything for the Teachers, she assisted Du Ee & Ze Ming to make their Teachers’ Day cards at home, good effort! Umasivu also stood up to say her gratitude to Auntie Latifah & Auntie Chazyee. “Auntie Latifah, I Love You!” Gabriel Wong said it loud and clear enough that almost made Auntie Latifah tear.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Young Child in Kindermusik Sem 1

The 1st semester of the Kindermusik Young Child for the 5-8 year-olds ended last Saturday. The children were learning a lot of musical theories through focused listening, instrument play, moving with music pieces in the correct number of beats (Ta as crotchet, ti-ti as quavers, sh as rest). (To see more of this blog, CLICK HERE)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Growing the Algae - Proterozoic Era

After learning and getting all excited about volcanoes, the children were introduced to the next era in the History of the Earth -- the Proterozoic Era, where the first life began.

Oceans were formed then due to consistent rain over many years. Micro-organism started to grow in the water and it was the first life seen on Earth. Algae was one of the first few plants appeared in that era. Hence, we let the children grow Algae in a tank.

Auntie Shirin brought in the sand and algae, and showed children how to plant it in the water. The children were excited about putting water into the tank (see video below). They also touched the algae, which was at that stage in a rough hairy state.

After they have planted the algae in the tank for a few days, the algae turned slimy. Again, the children touched the algae and felt the difference. This stimulated the young minds in awe in terms of how the state of a living thing changed after being nourished by water and sunlight.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


We provide after-school-care in the afternoon for children from Clover and other pre-schools/kindergartens.

Our Aims:

• To provide an environment where each child can develop a sense of security, warmth, love and affection
• To offer opportunities for children to be creative while maintaining appropriate protection and supervision
• To let children enjoy learning through Dance and Music classes.
• To promote positive attitudes to learning
• To develop an awareness of the needs of others
• To encourage independence and a sense of responsibility
• To stimulate independence and creative thinking
• To encourage reasoning

Day Care Operating Time: 12.45 p.m. to 6.00 p.m.

Meals: Lunch & Afternoon Snack


  • Fun Dance for Boys & Girls (build up foundation in dance steps that can help the child to go into any professional dance lessons later on).

  • ABC Music & Me (Award-winning Kindermusik lessons to develop children's musical, language, physical, emotional, intellectual and social skills).

  • Free-painting (to develop creativity)

  • Interactive/ Intellectual Games

  • Story-time / Reading time

  • Other fun activities that promote creativitiy and learning.


Need your child to be taken care of after school?

Want your child to learn some skills in his Day Care centre?

We now provide after-school-care for your child 2.5 to 6 years of age.

For more information, click Here.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Making an Erupting Volcano - Azoic Era

Our children continued their learnig of the "History of the Earth" after doing the ribbon timeline of Earth History.

After Big Bang, the temperature dropped a lot, however, it was still very hot as compared to now. The Earth entered the Dark era -- AZOIC ERA. The ground, especially, was very hot, fire erupted from the ground, burst through the crust and formed Volcanoes.

Auntie Latifah made a model of Volcano so to do an Erupting Volcano experiment with children. It was a masterpiece!

First, we needed some vinegar, bicarbonate soda, red food colouring (for the lava), and water. Children saw how Aunties put these "ingredients" into the conduit of the volcano, and they were all amazed by the "eruption"!

OK, next it was the children's turn to make their own volcanoes! Auntie Latifah took the trouble to go to the hardware shop, requesting for the pipes to be sawed into about 4 inches each, to make the conduit of the volcano. Stick the pipe in the centre of the plate by using plasticine. Then, crush some newspaper around the conduit, fasten them with masking tape.

Once the general shape of the volcano is formed, the children sticked the soggy paper around the "volcano". We let the volcanoes dry over a few days before the children painted their volacano. They all did well!

They brought home their volcanoes and their mummies and daddies extended the learning by making the volcano erupt at home!

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Happy Easter 2011

Clover children were very busy for the past two weeks as they were busy doing egg-related activities for Easter. Some of them made the Easter Eggs, all of them made the bunny ears and tails and did an Egg Race on the Good Friday. (Go to our Photo Gallery for more pictures).

Making of the Easter Eggs

Auntie Shirin planned for the KidsArtFun children to make an Easter Egg from scratch. Yes, from SCRATCH.

The children needed to empty an egg before starting their art work on the egg. In order to empty an egg yet not destroying the ovoid structure, poke both ends of an egg, shake it to break the yolk inside the egg, then blow out the content.

1. Poke both ends of an egg. 2. Shake it. 3. Blow out the content.

Now, don't waste it. Cook it and eat it!!

(Children love cooking, but without much experience, some of them put too much salt. It was very nice of Gabriel to offer Auntie Chaz Yee his egg, so Auntie Chaz Yee had to force herself to eat the ultra salty scrambled egg ... but couldn't swallow it all and had to throw away half of it. Yikes!)

Tristan has his dad's gene ... great chef! Uma is grinning from ear to ear...happily cooking her egg.

Alright, now the children are done with their cooking. Next is the beginning of the real work of painting the Easter Egg. See the little artists at work!

What do you think of the Eater Eggs painted by our children? Professional huh.

Making of the Little Bunny Ears & Tails

First, the children coloured the front of the bunny ears cut out from manila cards by the Teachers. Then they rolled and pasted the cotton onto the front and back of the ears. Then attach them to the hair band, wear it on the head and that's it, the bunny ears. Next, glue the cotton onto the round card which makes the tail. Attach the tailto the back of the pants, tada!

Little children (2 - 4 years old) making the bunny ears and tails.

All the cute little bunnies and their lil' fluffy tails.

The Egg RACE

On the Good Friday, which was also our P.E. day, children did an egg race --- balancing an egg in a spoon and walked quickly to the bowl, placed it in the bowl and hop back to their team. They were all very cute... focusing and walking with extra care which we seldom see in the active children.