Our Educators

Head Directress: Toh Chaz Yee
Masters Deg. in Occupational Psychology (U.K.)
Bachelor Deg. in Psychology (U.K.)
International Diploma in Montessori (MCI, London)
Certified Kindermusik Educator (Asia)

What Chaz Yee says:
Teaching has always been my passion since young. Imparting knowledge to children, parents and teachers is something that I have been doing for the past few years. I derive great sense of satisfaction in sharing my knowledge of what real education should be with everyone. When I read my Diploma in Montessori, it has further enahanced my knowledge in Psychology and opened my eyes in the world of Early Childhood Education. 0 to 6 years old are the best years for children to learn to be independent, be disciplined and develop concentration level. Hence, this alerted me to look for a pre-school that can give a Whole-Child-Education to my children, nieces and nephews. In the end, I did not find one. Hence, I set up one.

"Give me a child until seven and I will show you the man." (Maria Montessori)

Montessori Directress: Latifah
What Latifah says:
I have been working in the Montessori environment for 9 years and I am still amazed at how children learn and develop various skills using the step-by-step Montessori methods. I derive a great sense of satisfaction when the children know how to read and spell and do mathematical sums all by themselves, and they often ask for more! This is the "magic" of Montessori, children love to learn. Furthermore, as Montessori teaches children more than the usual academic subjects, I learn a lot throughout the years of teaching in Montessori schools.

"In teaching others, we teach ourselves." (Anonymous)


Montessori Directress: Margaret Wong
What Margaret says:

I have been working in a proper Montessori school for 10 years. Throughout these years, I am amazed at how a sensitive period is so important to a child and children are always encouraged to work at the pace that is right for them. There are no grades or tests, children are never in competition with one another. I believe children have a natural spontaneous goodness and love, a natural desire to learn and work, if we can give them exactly the right conditions and right help.

" Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing our temper and self-confidence. " (Anonymous)

Montessori Directress: Soraya
AMI Montessori International Diploma ( Holland)Montessori Administration ( USA )
Advance Certificate in English ( Sri Lanka )

What Soraya says:
I have been a Montessori teacher for the past 15 years and have worked in Sri Lanka and USA. I have been teaching in an International School in Sri Lanka for 10 years and had the privilege to see children who first came to me at 2.5 years old succeed in educational, sports and other extra curricular activities. All children have their own capabilities as educators it’s our duty to observe and to help the children to bring out their hidden talents they have within them. The Montessori School's culture is devoted to helping each child grow toward independence by building confidence, competence, self-esteem and respect for others. More than an approach to education, Montessori is an approach to life. The School respects children as self-directed individuals and fosters their growth toward independence and social responsibility, while creating a joyful, diverse and family-oriented community.

“Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but by experiences in the environment” - Maria Montessori

Dance Instructor: Mrs De Silva (Kit Tang)

Ballet:                        Royal Academy of Dancing (England)
Modern Dance:         Creative
Folk Dancing:            European
Movement Training :  Labau
Gymnastics:               Artistic & Rhythmic
Swimming:                Teaching, Coaching, Life Saving

Mrs De Silva is the Life Member of the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD), England. She is also a respectable Teaching Member of RAD, which she has been teaching ballet and other types of dance for more than two decades. With her vast talents and experiences in Dance Education, she has brought her students to various heights in their dance professions.

Kindermusik Educator: Shirin Tan
Bachelor of Arts ( Mass Comm) Australia
Certified Kindermusik Educator (Asia)
Breastfeeding Counsellor
Yoga Instructor
Volunteer Baha'i Children Class Teacher
Baha'i Teacher Trainer

What Shirin says:
While searching for the best program for my 2 boys, I came across Kindermusik@Clover and was amazed at how music and movement can help the development of a child. My son and I shared a memorable experience bonding while dancing, singing and playing instruments. I have always believed that every child is born with latent talents. With the right joyful education and stimulation, the child can grow to achieve his/her full potential. I am passionate to bring this experience to parents and children everywhere.
(Visit http://www.mummyhugs.com/ for Shirin's sharing from a parent's point of view in Early Childhood Education)
Kindermusik Educator: Joanne Lim

    Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing & Public Relations
    Certified Kindermusik Educator

    Soprano for Foon Yew High School for 6 years. 
    What Joanne says:
    I was flattered when Chaz Yee first approached me to take part of training program.  During my training, I had gained an insight of Kindermusik philisophy, which emphasizes on child development in both physically and mentally.  I strongly believe that every child deserves a beautiful, healthy and memorable childhood, especially when I am a mother of 2.  I have always had a great passion for singing, and I hope with that passion for music, I could do a part for many children.  
    ~When you say "I can", and expect success, you fill yourself with confidence and happiness (Remez Sasson) ~

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