Sunday, September 21, 2014

Excursion to Malaysia Cultural Village

The day started with a bit a thunder and drizzle, but it didn't dampen the mood of the children, Teachers and parents who had already signed up for this excursion more than a month ago. I brought Clovers students to this village four years ago, and this re-visit is a brand new experience for the current batch of students. The village also varied their activities, presenting some new activities that were not done before here. It was a full 3-hour non-stop trip and we were glad our children did not complain at all in view of the humid weather.

Every year, we try our best to tie the theme of our excursion to the cultural theme that we teach the children during that year. This extension of learning beyond classroom usually helps children to understand and remember their learning well. This year, our cultural theme focused much on the Malaysia culture. It is high time for the children to understand more about their country in the midst of all the Americanized animation or children series.

 The guide explained the making of batik to the children and adults.
 This pot was used to melt the chanting.

The artist demonstrated the drawing of the floral pattern on the cloth using chanting.
 Youngest artists at work (they were only 3 years old)!
Our Clover ex-students returned to join in the fun with us!

 Our 4-year-old artists at work. Concentration was observed. Shh...don't disturb.
 Ta-da! Done!

Tea-time after all the hardwork of painting the batik! Nice fruit tea and coco biscuits. All were natural. 

While the children were enjoying their tea-break, parents had a chance to engrave their names on the pewter key-chains. They hammered the alphabets on the key-chains.

Pak-cik demonstrated how to catch a fish using various traditional equipment.

Pak-cik demonstrated how to weave the strings to make them into a fishing net. Cool.

 Yummy mummies!

Children were playing kompang for their "friends' wedding".

Two girls were dressed up as "bride" and "bridesmaid", while two boys were dressed up as "bridegroom" and "Best man", to depict the Malay wedding.  

Children were exploring Malay traditional instruments such as kompang and angklung.

Last but not least, the guide brought us to the coco tree and we saw the coco fruit on the tree.

The guide passed the coco fruit to the students and it smelled like mango.

 After getting to know more about the coco fruit, everyone had a coco drink made from the natural coco from the tree. Hmm....slurp...some children even asked for more.

 We came to the end of the excursion, the children brought back their batik painting to show their family.

We were proud and lucky to have Ken Neoh, who is a multiple award-winner, as our professional photographer on the excursion day! 

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