Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ballet and Fun Dance Presentation (4 Nov 2012)

It was a beautiful Sunday morning. A group of dancers from the Ballet and Fun Dance classes led by Mrs De Silva did a wonderful dance presentation at the Taman Tasek Community Hall on 4 Nov 2012.

The presentation was kicked start with the pre-primary students who just started their ballet lessons a few months ago. The two little ballerinas of 4 years old were adorable and did not seem to have stage-fright at all. They tried to present their dance with some last minute adjustment to their dance positions due to the absence of their fellow classmate.

The Pre-Primary Ballerinas, Shee Ya and Haasimah.
Follow on were the Fun Dance students’ items. These were the 4 and 5 year-olds angels that Mrs De Silva has for her Monday (2 - 3p.m.) class. It has not been easy to impart dancing skill to children as young and active as this group. She has dedicated a lot of patience to turn the energy of these young ones into structured dancing. Although these young ones did not synchronise in their dancing much as what a professional dancer is to be expected of, they knew exactly the right time to perform a certain footwork and steps despite their physical development stage might not have brought them to the right level yet. Bravo to these little angels! They were so cute!

The Fun Dancers, Du Ee, Taryn, Xin Yuan, Bong Yi and Kayla.

The first graders who are only 6-year-olds ballerinas. They were adorable and with Cha Lih putting on a constant smile and AnQi did all the proper dance steps as how she had practiced before.
The Grade-2 ballerinas, Kai Lih, Natali, Wen Yi, Tai Hun, Pei Ting and Loke Zen. These girls worked their best at the presentation, showing off to their audience their ballet routine at the bars.

The second graders again with costume and props. They were beautiful.
These are the Grade-6 ballerinas, Celine, YunXi, Rysheen, Nicole, Lynn and Celest. They were at an emergent level and good coordination with their peers were observed.
The Eighth-Graders, Kee Min, Jia Hui and Chloe, presented their routine and footwork. These teenagers have achieved so much throughout their years of ballet lessons with Mrs De Silva.

The graceful swans from the Advance group, Gia Hui, Shan and Amanda. These adults have demonstrated the charisma and gracefulness of ballerinas and they each presented a solo dance which wowed the audience.  

Mrs De Silva and her students.

We have to thank Mrs De Silva for her dedication and passion in the education of dance. It is with this spirit, the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD, U.K.) awarded her with a life-time membership of the RAD, which is a highly-acclaimed award in the Dance sector.

We would also like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the following people for their help and support:

~The Chairman and Committee members of Taman Tasek for the use of this hall, Mr. and Mrs. Richard for being most helpful.

~ Parents for bringing their children and also being so helpul and generous, friends and well-wishes for their presence.

~ Mr. Ousmand for helping to clean the hall several times and with extended hours, and unwilling to accept any reward for the great job he had done.

~ The great sound system was another major factor that contributed to the success of this presentation. We extend our special gratitude to Ms. Christine Lee and Ms. Gia Hui for sponsoring the sound system for that morning. It was with this great gesture that we were able to enjoy the presentation.

~ Ms. Liew, her nephews and Ms. Soraya for distributing leaflets for the event.

~ The three Advanced Level students for preparing the stage and working with creativity, providing help in every way. 

~ Mrs. Foo for the "Little something" to the kiddios. 

~ Last but not least, the darling dancers, for doing their best!