Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How We Digest and How We Breathe!

Digestive System
My two intestines keep digesting,
One is small and one is large.
My liver cleans blood and fights infection,
So many functions it's in charge!

Our clover children learned about the small and large intestines and their functions in Term 2 this year. It was not an easy topic to teach, hence we used a model as shown in the picture below and did a simple experiment to show how water entered our digestive system. It was a fun experiment.

(It is a shame that I only have the older children photos here. I forgot to pass the camera to the Teachers in school when the younger children did this experiment! Yikes!)
Auntie Latifah demonstrating how the consumption of water gets into the digestive system.

The children taking turn to label the digestive system.


Our Lungs

Breathe in... Breathe out...
Aunties, "Can you feel your chest becoming bigger as you breathe in the air? It becomes smaller as you breathe out?"
Children, "Yes!"

The children were explained that the air entered their lungs, which we also call this air oxygen as we breathe in. They were also told that they breathe out carbon dioxide which the trees and plants need. The younger ones were listening attentively and recited after the Aunties when we did this lesson. The older children were explained in more details on the wind-pipe and other parts of the lungs.

Thanks to Auntie Latifah, who brought in a cow's lung for show-and-tell. Children were in awe when they were given a chance to stick their little finger into the wind-pipe. Cool! 

I just came back from my long medical leave, but could not wait to start teaching the children. I was explaining to the children on how the air goes into our lungs through the wind pipe.

All the children had a chance to get "up close and personal" with a real lung.