Thursday, April 28, 2011

Making an Erupting Volcano - Azoic Era

Our children continued their learnig of the "History of the Earth" after doing the ribbon timeline of Earth History.

After Big Bang, the temperature dropped a lot, however, it was still very hot as compared to now. The Earth entered the Dark era -- AZOIC ERA. The ground, especially, was very hot, fire erupted from the ground, burst through the crust and formed Volcanoes.

Auntie Latifah made a model of Volcano so to do an Erupting Volcano experiment with children. It was a masterpiece!

First, we needed some vinegar, bicarbonate soda, red food colouring (for the lava), and water. Children saw how Aunties put these "ingredients" into the conduit of the volcano, and they were all amazed by the "eruption"!

OK, next it was the children's turn to make their own volcanoes! Auntie Latifah took the trouble to go to the hardware shop, requesting for the pipes to be sawed into about 4 inches each, to make the conduit of the volcano. Stick the pipe in the centre of the plate by using plasticine. Then, crush some newspaper around the conduit, fasten them with masking tape.

Once the general shape of the volcano is formed, the children sticked the soggy paper around the "volcano". We let the volcanoes dry over a few days before the children painted their volacano. They all did well!

They brought home their volcanoes and their mummies and daddies extended the learning by making the volcano erupt at home!

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