Monday, August 26, 2019

UK Scholarship offered to Clover L.C. Alumnus to study Summer Program in Cambridge University

Congratulations to Zhi Hui, an alumnus of Clover Learning Centre (Montessori), for being offered a scholarship to do a two-week summer bootcamp with Immerse Education in the Cambridge University! She was one of the two students from the Johor state to be awarded based on an essay she wrote with her topic of interest. At the summer camp, she had the opportunity to explore innovative subjects and build her skills and confidence in a nurturing and exciting environment.

The summer program just ended, and it had been a wonderful experience for Zhi Hui. We had an interview with her to find out more about her experience at the Queen's College, Cambridge University (U.K.).

CLC: Congratulations Zhi Hui! We are very happy and proud of you being awarded the scholarship to do the award-winning immersion program in the premise of Cambridge University.

ZH: Thank you (smiling).

CLC: How were you selected?

ZH:  The program offered scholarships through their essay competition. I submitted an entry, writing about their given topic.

CLC: What subject area did you read at the Cambridge University?

ZH: Creative Writing

CLC: Did you enjoy the summer school?

ZH: Yes. I enjoyed it tremendously and definitely wish to attend another one in the future.

CLC: What was your most unforgettable encounter that you had there?

ZH: The whole experience is unforgettable! I liked being able to experience college life with a combination of other intriguing activities.

CLC: Was there anything that posed as a challenge for you?

ZH: Yes. I had to learn to be less reserved, more open to participating in activities and events, and to be more open and socialise to meet new people.

CLC:  Was there anything that fascinated you?

ZH: What fascinated me was the passion and enthusiasm the people there possessed when it came to both academics and having fun. They work hard, and play hard too!

CLC: What's the thing that you treasured the most?

ZH: The thing I treasured the most was the new bonds that I’ve created with people from around the world.

CLC: What's the thing that you miss the most?

ZH: I miss when we would get to explore the city in small groups of friends. I totally can feel the freedom of taking charge on our own.

CLC: What's your greatest gain there?

ZH: I've got to learn different writing techniques from the academic sessions of my chosen course. I also had a chance to understand more about the other subjects which I might be interested in through the academic fairs that were held. For example, medicine and law.

CLC: What's your goal when you return to Malaysia?

ZH: I returned with a goal to strive for the very best in terms of my studies and extra-curriculars. At the same time, to figure out my passion and make clear my intended direction.

CLC: Thank you Zhi Hui for sharing. We wish you all the best!

ZH: You're welcome and thank you too!

We hope her achievement inspires more Clover students to achieve in their lives. Attitude is altitude, if you have a will, you can do it too!

(ZH's response is raw from the interview.)

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