Thursday, July 2, 2020

Clover L.C. Alumnus Received Achievement Award in Marlborough College

Congratulations to Elliana Chin for attaining the Achievement Award for Year 4 student in Marlborough College (Malaysia)! She is an alumnus of Clover Learning Centre and we are very thrilled to receive this news and definitely proud of her achievement!

She is one of the two prize winners for this award in the Year 4 category. This Achievement Award is given to a child who has consistently produced a high standard of work across a broad range of subjects over the course of a year.

Her mother personally sent a thank-you text to all Clover Learning Centre Montessori educators who had helped built up Elliana's foundation of learning during her formative years. We appreciate this and believe that Elliana has definitely earned it through her perseverance and hard work!

We’ve also contacted Elliana to learn more about her learning journey at Marlborough College.

CLC: Hi Elliana, you've recently received the Achievement Award at your school, How do you feel?

E: I feel incredibly happy with my award and was also surprised I got such a “high level” award. I felt surprised because I didn’t think that I would have that award this year. I was even surprised when my mum got the email. I was pretty much happy though.


CLC: Did anyone help you along your way to success?

E: My success was of course due to my parents’ and teachers’ guidance.


CLC: What did you do when you met with difficulties or challenges?

E: When I met difficulties or challenges I was frustrated but I didn’t give up. I also had the comfort and encouraging words from my parents. Thank you for this letter (interview) and I appreciate your sharing of happiness from my success.

P.S. This achievement was also earned by the help of your school’s guidance.

(Elliana’s response is raw without editing from anyone.)

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