Sunday, October 5, 2014

Country Project - Vietnam

We had a special Vietnamese guest, Ms. Hang, who visited our school on 1st Oct 2014. It was a planned visit -  we invited her to come to Clover during the country project of Vietnam week. It was such an honour to have Ms. Hang doing the Vietnam week for us. She brought in all the things that we requested her to in order to conduct our Montessori country project lesson.

She got the child-size Vietnamese costumes for a boy and a girl for us. We dressed two students up. They looked Vietnamese! ;) So adorable.

As Ms. Hang wasn't used to conducting a lesson with children, she conveyed the knowledge to our Montessori educator, Ms. Latifah, who helped to do the explanation to the children at Clovers.
Firstly, the Vietnam flag was shown - "a red flag with a gold star". 

This is a traditional Vietnamese Coconut Bowl...authentic stuff...all the way from Vietnam! 

Children were passing the bowl around to have a closer look. The outer part of this bowl was made of coconut shell. 

 Now, showing the currency of a country is important, and Ms. Latifah explained the difference between the Vietnamese Dong from the Ringgit Malaysia.

We passed the Vietnamese notes around for children to have a closer look. They were told the man on the notes is Ho Chi Minh, who was the Father of the country, as he fought for independence.

Children were looking at more Vietnamese Dong notes, comparing the notes with one another.

Ms. Joanne assisted in the explanation of how the Vietnamese Coffee is to be brewed. The children were intrigued!

Our special Vietnamese guests, Ms. Hang, demonstrated the coffee-brewing process. 

All children waited patiently for the coffee to drip slowly into the glass jar below. 

While waiting for the coffee to be ready, we passed around the spring-roll wrapper, which was made of rice. This was to show children what was "before" the end-product of the yummy spring-rolls that they were going to pop into their mouth later. 

Ms. Hang brought in her home-made spring rolls and sweet-and-sour fish sauce. 

Yum yum...we always love food tasting.

These 3 year-olds Nursery children asked for more!

Our K1 and K2 children were enjoying it too! 

 Ms. Soraya was showing the children the hand-stitched bag. A very typical Vietnamese craft bag. So beautiful.
Children were having a closer look at the hand-stitched bags.

A. Chaz Yee presented a small gift to Ms. Hang, showing Clover's appreciation to her effort and presence in helping us make the lesson about Vietnam more lively and interesting. 

We hereby extend our heart-felt thanks to Ms. Joanne as well, who brought Ms. Hang to our school. Thanks Joanne!

 To view more photos, CLICK HERE.

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