Sunday, August 4, 2013

Selamat Hari Raya 2013!

Auntie Latifah did a talk-about of the costumes and items used and activities carried out during the Hari Raya festival.
Two children were selected to wear the costumes. Teachers also taught them how to greet Salam.

Another two children were cute!
Once a year we celebrate this festival, and we always look forward to it as we get to taste Auntie Latifah's superb cooking of a special Malay dish during the food-tasting day. This year, Auntie Latifah cooked soto. The clover children enjoyed this dish during the snack time. It was so delicious that all the Teachers vonluteered to take home the left-overs :) .
The children were also introduced to bahulu, biskut kacang, kuih tat, etc. So yummy!
The raya food for food-tasting.
Children would sit on the line and hear the Teacher explained when each type of food was eaten. Auntie Latifah explained in some Muslim families, soto is the breakfast on the first day of raya.

The children enjoyed the raya tarts and cookies.

The children enjoyed soto during snack time.

It's craft time!
The nursery children made a moon and a star to symbolize the festival.
The kindergarten children made pelita this year. All the nursery and kindergarten children produced very impressive work. The nursery children could paste very well, and the kindergarten children could cut with scissors very well. All the practical life skills of cutting and pasting helped in the eye-hand coordination. The making of craft also develop an aesthetic sense in the children.  

The kindergarten group of children making the pelita.


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