Sunday, August 4, 2013

Onion Planting 2013

Planting onion is so fun. Auntie Chaz Yee bought bags of black soil and contributed all the containers she had collected over the time of eating her favourite soya bean curd and MacDonald sundae ice-cream for the Clover children to plant their onions. Auntie Latifah bought the onion bulbs and the children happily started planting.
Do you know saying nice things and singing a song to your plant will help it grow healthily? We used to plant garlic with the children in school many years ago, all the children said nice words and sang twinkle little stars to their garlic, except for a boy, who was shouting at his garlic. In the end, only his garlic didn't grow.
When we told our little clover kids about this "history", all of them listened attentively. We could see them singing and speaking softly to their plants, and took care of their little onion by watering it everyday for a week at school. Most of the onions started sprouting after a day or two, good signs!

Auntie Soraya explained to the children how to plant an onion and what they could do to take care of the plant.

This is the day when the children needed to bring home their little "baby". Auntie Margaret was giving them a briefing, telling them to take good care of their little onions at home during the school holiday.

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