Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year!

As an annual lesson plan, we told the story about the origin of Chinese New Year (CNY). It all began with the Monster "Nian" (年). It seemed that the children are never tired of this story even though we tell it every year.

We had very busy weeks before the CNY this year. We did the History of the Earth, and we also needed to cover the story and talkabouts of CNY. The Aunties were exhausted but as excited as ever.
Story-telling about the Origin of the Chinese New Year.

We did Food Tasting as usual. The children were all eager to try the various types of food. Some even attempted the spicy crackers.

We also borrowed the mini Lion Dance prop and drum from Zhi Hui and Zhi Jean. Auntie Margaret did a very fun demonstration on how to dance the Lion (we now see her talent in Kung Fu). Auntie Liew played the Chinese Drum. The children then had their turn to dance the Lion. Everyone had a good laugh. They were so funny and cute!

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