Saturday, August 14, 2010

Annual Kindermusician Workshop- Orff Shulwerk

I have always looked forward to the Annual Kindermusik workshop. Although this means we have to put aside our work and family for 3 whole days, and going back to the reality right after the training, it is always refreshing despite the tiredness.
Trying to remember it as long as I can what we have been taught in the 3 days is something that is very hard for me too. Especially when I am expecting now. However, this year is the best year that I think the workshop has suited me. Very, very well-written notes by Ginette really helps me to concentrate more on the practical of the workshop than requires me to jot down the notes by myself. Thank you Ginette, you are the best!

This workshop has opened my eyes to the work of Orff Shulwerk, and how PROCESS always matters more than results. The pedagogy is so step-by-step that I feel it is easy for the young children to perform a complicated work in a simple way!

Shirin, our other Kindermusik@Clover educator, has also enjoyed it very much!

Our group project -- coming up with a performance on instruments and entertainment within 2 hours, is never a tough task for great Kindermusician!
This is our dear Ginette. Being a friend, colleague and trainer, she has shown her patience and competencies to help us reach to another level. Love you Ginette!

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