Sunday, April 4, 2010

How to choose a good Montessori school?

The name Montessori is not patented. Hence, it can be used by anyone, for any purpose. It is important that anyone searching for a good Montessori school or Teacher-training centre be aware of this.

Many pre-schools incorporate Montessori methods, usually only the Practical Life and Sensorial activities. However, they are just using the activities outlined in the Montessori manual. As discussed earlier in my "What is Montessori" blog, there is a total of 5 areas in Montessori, and these 5 areas are intertwined. What a pity it will be if Practical Life and Sensorial are just stand-alone subjects.

In a Good School there will be:

1. Large space for movement. Children love to explore the world on their own since the day they could crawl. To be able to move freely is so important to help them keep peaceful mind. If a young child is forbidden to move for more than 20 minutes, the frustration built up in her may result in some undesirable behaviour.

2. A Teacher/ Directress does not give traditional classroom lessons, but implement lessons for each child according to her individual progress. This progress is recorded and kept to plan for future lessons for that child.

3. A FULL-RANGE of tested and proven Montessori materials in a clean, elegant, uncluttered environment.

4. The learning environment should be aesthetic and not over-stimulative. A learning environment with too many colours may distract a child instead of stimulating her.

5. Happy and kind children who are busy on self-chosen, uninterrupted work.

6. Children show initiative and love for learning.

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