Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Magic School@Clover (25 - 28th Nov 2014)


It was a fun-filled three-day Magic camp at Clover, led by Coach Steffi and Coach Amy from Hankidz - the No. 1 Kids Talent Company (K.L.), and two capable facilitators Coach Nora and Coach Weiwei. Children from age 5 to 9 joined the camp, and many had been transformed from being very shy to having great showmanship. Instant boost of self-confidence within 3 days.

So like Coach Hanky said, "Change can be instant." Now I believe it.

An older child (9 years old), well...being the oldest... felt like " mom forced me to join. So her attitude on the first day was nonchalant. But when it came to the third day of the camp, she was observed to be totally immersed in the activities. She helped to take care of the younger ones, she did her best in mastering her magic trick and presenting to the "crowd". All professionalism and showmanship was demonstrated.

Three rules that the junior magicians learned:

#1: Never reveal the secret.
#2: Never perform the same trick to the same person twice.
#3: Practice, practice, practice!

Team Building

Coach Steffi and Coach Amy explained the rules and magic concept to the children.

The first magic trick, "Sticky wand without glue."
The young magicians making their props for their second trick -- "The Cup Trick".

Our third magic trick props -- "The Frozen card tricks."

Team building and cooperation.
Don't let that ball drop!
Learning their favourite "Mr Plastic" magic.
We graduated as magicians!

 Blog Author: Chaz Yee

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